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A similar version of this story first appeared in Your Cat Magazine in January 2016 in the Reader’s Kitten of the Month spot.  Obviously, I ignored all good writing and journalism advice,  which is never write about your pets.  But I’m so thrilled with our new family member and just want to share the love.  

by Wendy Pike (Twitter:  @newswoozle)



If it dangles or jangles – attack.  If it wriggles or rolls – pounce.  If it’s abandoned and portable – eat it.  Or attempt to.

This is the waking modus operandi of Phoebe our fifteen-week-old kitten, a tabby and white / one eighth Bengal cross.

We’ve seen her stalking, striking and scoffing countless unlucky spiders, two crickets and several daddy-long-legs.  She’s only been exploring our garden over the last fortnight, following her inoculations.  Orchid roots (she foamed at the mouth), garden soil and cold tea, make up the growing list of inappropriate ‘treats’ Feebs is keenly helping herself to.

Her other mode is sleepy, drifting off in the most unlikely postures and places.   Although Phoebe has a cat bed, for night-time snoozing she finds curling up and cramming herself into a tiny space on the bookshelf, between camera bag and old singles records, preferable.  Daytime, she favours our woolly, fleece-clad rocking-chair, sofa or a dining chair tucked under the table.

‘Be More Dog’ she needn’t be.  Feebs is sufficiently ‘canine’, following us around, digging holes in flowerbeds and begging for whatever we’re eating, despite a constant smorgasbord of available kitty food.  She even sort-of plays fetch, retrieving toys, parading them in her mouth, occasionally, bringing them back to be thrown again.  And she’s fixated and fascinated by water.

Generous with her kisses, she has gorgeous brown eyes and when she looks at you, peers straight into your soul.  It feels like a human response not a feline one.  A cat lurks in there somewhere though.  Uniquely beguiling, inquisitive, effervescent – the adorable rascal she is  – our kitten Feebs.

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