One of the highlights of my year was being asked to catch a quick interview with UB40 ahead of their headline act at The Brentwood Festival 2014. 

The story I subsequently wrote first appeared on Brentwood Brewing Company’s blog:

Just to prove it, here’s a photo of me taking a photo of UB40 at the Phoenix FM Studios.  Thanks to Laurie Edmonds of Local By Social for the snap.

Photo of me taking publicity photo of UB40

This World famous Reggae group may like to sing about Red, Red Wine but it turns out the boys from UB40  are also partial to a pint or two of real ale.

Assistant Brewer Ethan Kannor couldn’t resist presenting the band with some Brentwood Brewing Company refreshment when he met them at The Phoenix FM Studios at The Brentwood Festival.  Ali, Astro and Mickey seemed genuinely pleased at the prospect of trying some bottles of Summer Virgin, the festival’s most requested Brentwood Beer – after the show, of course.

Astro said:  “I like beer. I’m a CAMRA member and have been for the last 5 or  6 years.  I go to as many festivals as humanly possible.  The best one is always Birmingham Beer Festival – 800 real ales, 200 perries and ciders.  It’s a fantastic night out.”

In recognition of Astro’s obvious enthusiasm for real ale he was invited along with the rest of the band to return to Brentwood for a brewery visit and perhaps to brew their own beer.

“You’ll never get rid of us,” said Mickey.

“Can he call it after himself?  How about Astro’s Fantastic?” asked Ali.

Astro added:  “That would be fantastic.”

So the band really does like real ale but enough to change the lyrics to their first number 1 hit of more than thirty years ago?  Would they consider singing Brentwood Beer in place of Red, Red, Wine to the packed crowd at The Brentwood Festival just for the night?  No they said and it’s probably for the best as fans like that iconic tune just the way it is.  But the question did make them chuckle.

UB40′s new album is due out in October (2014) – Silhouette.  You can find UB40 on Twitter:  @WeAreUB40 also @BrentwoodBrewCo and me too:  @newswoozle

UB40 with Brentwood Brewing Company's Head Brewer Ethan Kannor